Dennis Howe 12 lb Lake Trout Sept. 4, 2008Glenn Macdonald 6lb Bass July 2008Nice Stringer!  Summer 2008Jackie Bunnett Summer 2007Marla Rodgers 6.5 lb Bass Birch Lake Summer 2007Tara Rakiewicz with 22" Bass Desert Lake Summer 2008Dave Haring Bass 5 lb Birch Lake July 2007Tony Jeric Summer 2007Don Wenrich - Attack of the Killer Bass!Marty McCrone - He Loved to Fish - Rest In Peace.Sam's Badass Bass! (August 11, 2006)Glenn Macdonald with 12 lb, 5 lb and 3 lb Lake Trout. (07/05 on Desert Lake)Amar's Pike! (21/05/05 on Desert Lake)Mike Svendsen and Bass. (Summer 2004)Rob Bergevin and paddle-sized Smallmouth Bass. (August, 2004 on Desert Lake)Bill Shafer with Northern Pike.Dave Hornberger and a 4 lb. 4 oz. Smallmouth Bass (08/03).Gord Trappit and some nice Lake Trout (07/03).Erik Hornberger and 8 lb Pike (August 2002).Dave Pepper and Lake Trout, August 1998Del Burson 6 lb Bass September 1999Janey Brown 12 lb Pike August 2001Joe Cyburt 5 lb Bass June 1997Joe Prinzi Lake Trout 1998Kane Family and Pike.Wayne Hall and Lake Trout.