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Boating Regulations

    Just a quick reminder that another deadline for boat operator competency requirements has passed on September 15, 2002.  This requirement applies to all operators of craft under 4 m in length, including personal watercraft.  This means that if you have or operate a motorized boat under 13 feet you will need to have an operators card.  In addition, all those individuals operating a  motorized boat (regardless of size) who were born after April 1, 1983 already need the pleasure craft operator card.

Here is a link to the Operator Competency Requirements FAQ .

Don't forget to check out The Safe Boating Guide to keep up on current regulations and equipment requirements!

Here is a clarification on Snug Harbour Resort's policy on the Operator Competency Requirements for those of you who wish to rent/operate motorized boats from Snug Harbour Resort.

1.  All operators born after April 1, 1983 must:

    a) have a pleasure craft operator card


    b) must complete a rental-boat safety checklist as issued by Snug Harbour Resort.

2.  Any individual born before April 1, 1983 does NOT need a pleasure craft operator card (until September 15, 2009) because our boats exceed 4 m. (13 feet) in length.

3.  Non-residents must have a pleasure craft operator card:

  • If they operate their recreational vessel in Canadian waters for more than 45 consecutive days or,
  • If they operate a recreational vessel that is licensed or registered in Canada (including rented or chartered boats).
  • The Regulations do not apply to non-residents who operate their recreational vessel in Canadian waters for less than 45 consecutive days. Please note that a proof of residence will be required on board at all times.

3.  Acceptable proof of competency for non-residents:

  • A Pleasure Craft Operator Card;
  • A completed boat rental safety checklist (for power-driven rental boats); or,
  • An operator card or equivalent which meets the requirements of their state or country.

Fishing Season

The 2021 Fishing Season for Desert, Birch and Kingsford Lakes are: 

Fishing Regulations Summary for 2021 (we are in Zone 18)

Pike:   May 8 to December 31 (second Saturday in May)

Lake Trout:  May 22 to September 8 (fourth Saturday in May)

Bass:  June 19 to December 15 (third Saturday in June)

Please follow the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Fish Ontario link to the online fishing regulations for Ontario.

Fishing Licence Information for Non-Residents

Anyone who lives outside of Canada is considered a non-resident for the purposes of fishing licence regulations. Most non-residents need a fishing licence to fish in Ontario. Specifically:

Non-residents 18 years of age and over must purchase a fishing licence.  

Non-residents under 18 years of age may fish without a licence if accompanied by a adult who has a recreational fishing licence. Any fish caught are part of the catch and possession limit of the adult who holds the licence. As another option, non-residents under 18 years may purchase a licence and any fish caught apply to the catch and possession limits of that licence.

Non-residents 65 years of age or older are not exempt from licencing.

For a complete guide to fishing licences in Ontario please see:  Fast Facts about Ontario Outdoors Cards and Fishing Licences