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Directions to Snug Harbour Resort

    Snug Harbour Resort is centrally located in Eastern Ontario, Canada.   The resort is easily accessible by car from Kingston ( 1 hour), Ottawa (2.5 hours) and Toronto (3.5 hours).  For our American friends, we are only two hours  from the Thousand Islands Bridge at Ganonoque.

Google Maps

     Google Maps is a good tool to find directions to Snug Harbour Resort.  Please note that Google Maps does not always provide the best route available.

     Feel free to use this map to find us or enter your address in the box below. 

     Snug Harbour Resort is indicated by the green marker.

     Snug Harbour Resort is located at 44.53110,-76.58762 longitude/latitude.

     Example 1 Wellington Street Ottawa Ontario



Fail-safe Directions

      The easiest way to get to Snug Harbour Resort for most guests from Ottawa, Toronto and the U.S. is via Highway 401.  Please follow these simple directions to get to Snug Harbour Resort

  1. Take Highway #401 to Kingston, Ontario.

  2. Exit Highway #401 at Highway #38.

  3. Follow Highway #38 north to Verona.

  4.  Just after leaving Verona, turn right onto Desert Lake Road.

  5. Follow Desert Lake Road to Canoe Lake Road (Look for Snug Harbour Resort Sign).

  6. Turn left onto Canoe Lake Road.

  7. Follow Canoe Lake Road until you cross Mitchell Creek.

  8. Just after Mitchell Creek, turn left onto Snug Harbour Lane (another sign).

  9. Follow Snug Harbour Lane to Snug Harbour Resort (large grey building).

  10. Welcome to Snug Harbour Resort!

Snug Harbour Resort Map