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Frontenac Park   

Visitors to Snug Harbour Resort should know that they are literally within paddling distance of one of the "jewels" of Eastern Ontario:   Frontenac Park.  Although Frontenac Park has a myriad of trails and lakes, guests of Snug Harbour Resort have the unique opportunity to explore Frontenac Park from there very own doorstep-via Mitchell Creek.  This creek flows into Birch and Kingsford Lakes which border on the park.  Here, visitors can access a variety of trails and smaller interior lakes as well as camping sites #7, 8, and 11.  Please read the following to find out more about Frontenac Park.  

Natural Features

Frontenac is one of several provincial parks situated within the Frontenac Axis, the southern arm of the Canadian Shield that extends down into New York state. This geological anomaly is responsible for the land forms in the area that are typically found further north, and for a mix of northern and southern plants and wildlife peculiar to the region. The geology of the park is complex, with several distinct zones. Generally, the park terrain is rugged.

Frontenac is home to many unusual species of bird including eagle, turkey vulture, red-tailed hawk, cliff swallow, loon, osprey, heron, kingbird, kingfisher, warbler, vireo, red shouldered hawk, and ruffled grouse. White tail deer and black bear are common. Coyotes, red fox, otter, mink, weasel, raccoons and other small mammals abound. Beavers are also abundant. In fact, beaver activities, along with the terrain's poor drainage, are two factors behind the many varieties of wetlands found here.

Park Facilities and Activities

With more than 170 kilometers of trails some winding through the Moulton Gorge, the Arkon Lake Bog, the Black Lake homestead, the Crab Lake Mine, and other interesting sites. The many lakes provide good canoeing, linked with clearly marked portages. The park also offers swimming, fishing and hiking. Visitors can obtain permits at the trail center on Otter Lake, and head out from there, on foot or by canoe, into the park's interior.

The park is popular year-round for day-use visitors, and campers, with 48 interior campsites. A wilderness skills training program is offered in both summer and winter seasons giving instruction in a range of topics including: winter camping trip planning; wilderness first aid; canoe and paddle workshop; and wilderness navigation.

For additional information on Frontenac Park, please visit the Friends of Frontenac Park .

Frontenac Park Map

Location: North of Kingston, 12 kilometers northeast
of Sydenham, off Highway 38.

For more information:
Frontenac Provincial Park
P.O. Box 11
Sydenham, Ontario
(613) 376-3489